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Opinion: No More Pretty Talk, Mayor

By Alex White

A Television Jamaica report this week showed the new Mayor of St Ann’s Bay and chairman of the St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC), Sydney Stewart, touring the Brown’s town Market that is in an awful condition. His tour followed several break-ins at the market that is very insecure.

He acknowledged it and said things can’t continue like this.

The Mayor’s comments could be taken as if suggesting he didn’t know the market was in such a bad state or he didn’t know that more than two dozen vendors had taken up almost the entire roadway between the market and the Anglican Church across the street from it.

Their occupation of the street has reduced the already narrow road to one lane, and this is every day. In addition, the illegal street vending has robbed the town, which already has very limited street parking, of at least ten parking spots. The garbage is horrendous.

Mayor Sydney Stewart, Councillor for the Bamboo Division has had his chance in front of the camera and must now get the street cleared and improve the market conditions, now that he has seen it all with his own eyes.

He can’t now claim ignorance or that he only just came to the job, because he has been a Councillor for several terms, was Deputy Chairman before now, under Michael Belnavis and represents vendors in Bamboo who use the market. Mayor, it’s time now not for pretty talk but for action. Brown’s Town is now an awful place and you and the SAMC have full responsibility for the market.

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