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Sasha Gaye Dennis

All-Island Search Launched for Driver and Passenger in Hit-and-Run Accident, which Claimed the Life of 2-year-old

Jamaica Crime News, St James: The police in the parish of St. James say they have launched an all-island manhunt for a hit-and-run driver and a male passenger, who were both involved in a motor vehicle accident which claimed the life of a 2-year-old baby girl and seriously injured her 10-year-old sister, along Howard Cooke […]


Mother Still in Shock after Seeing Daughters Mowed Down by Hit-and-Run Driver in Montego Bay

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: The mother of a 2-year-old infant who is now dead and a 10-year-old daughter who is presently being treated at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, mowed down by a hit-and-run driver in downtown Montego Bay, St James on Tuesday night, say she is still in shock over the entire accident which has […]


Video: Child dies after being hit by motor vehicle in Montego Bay

Keisha Chance of Paymaster is Dead

Keisha Chance of Paymaster is Dead

Dear Paymaster family and friends, thank you for your calls and messages. I was not able to respond yesterday because I just needed to retreat to my quiet place. Not since the death of my father have I felt this deep numbing sense of loss… Keisha Chance is irreplaceable. She was my daughter, sister, mother […]

Constable Clive Wedderburn

Police Officer Killed in May Pen Crash

Jamaica News, Clarendon: A police Constable who is attached to the Clarendon Police Division lost his life in a motor vehicle accident which occurred along May Pen leg at a section of the PJ Patterson Highway, in Clarendon on Tuesday morning, April 23. Dead is Constable Clive Wedderburn of New Harbor Village, Phase 11, in […]

Manchester Family Murdered

Family of Three Executed in Manchester

Jamaica Crime News, Manchester: The Manchester police say they are yet to get the identities of the three family members who were executed in Bellefield in  Manchester, on Monday night, April 22. One police confirmed that the three victims, a common-law couple and their son, were killed in execution style by armed men. Reports are […]

Samuel Martin Missing

Samuel Martin Missing

Rev. & Mrs. Raymond Coke’s son, Samuel Martin is missing. He left Mandeville for Kingston at 3 PM  April 19th and did not arrive home. A panic alert was sent to Guardsman at 6 PM and his vehicle was tracked to Juno Crescent in May Pen. Please circulate and call 119 if you see him. […]

Cross Keys Student Drowns at Alligator Pond

Cross Keys Student Drowns at Alligator Pond

A student from Cross Keys High School drowned at Alligator Pond in Manchester today after encountering complications while swimming. more info to come


Confession: My Children Looks Like Husband Best Friend

Confession: My Children Looks Like Husband Best Friend- I am the wife of a policeman for 17yrs whom I share 6 children with. I have been having an affair with his best friend for 7 years now and he has no clue. But something been playing on my mind, my three youngest children look just like […]

police officer4568

Update- Police Constable Shot and Injured in Norwood, St. James

Jamaica News: A police Constable is now battling for life in the Cornwall Regional Hospital, after he was shot multiple times by gunmen, in the community of Norwood in St James, on Sunday morning, April 21. The police have given the identity of the wounded officer as Constable Sheldon Murray, who is stationed at the […]


Dear McKoy: My Daughter 18 Dating A 37-year-old Man

Dear Mckoy, I am a single mother of 1 girl and 3 boys. My daughter who is the youngest of my 4 children has disappointed me by taking home a 37 years old man introducing him to my home as her man. I have been in total shock since then and not sure how to […]


Dear McKoy: Sleeping with My Man Identical Twin Brother

Dear Mckoy, Am 30 yrs old and am sleeping with my man identical twin brother. My man and I have been together 12yrs now and his identical twin and I been sleeping 8yrs but now I want to end the relationship between me and the brother but scared to  say it to him because he […]

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