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Girl opens Christmas present she gave to boy when she dumped him in 1971

Girl opens Christmas present she gave to boy when she dumped him in 1971

ST. ALBERT, Alta. — A man in Edmonton who made international headlines for holding onto a wrapped Christmas gift from a high-school girlfriend who dumped him nearly 50 years ago finally learned what it was on Thursday when she travelled to the city and opened it for him. Adrian Pearce, now a married father of two, received […]


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Prostitute Beaten

Prostitute Beaten almost to Death After Refusing to Perform Oral Sex on Alleged Don

Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News) – A 25-year-old prostitute who performs her lady of the night duties, say she was beaten almost to death several days ago after she refused to perform oral sex on an alleged customer, who identified himself as a community don. The terrified woman who gave her name as […]


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Gorgeous Atlanta Attorney Reveals Love Affair With Homeless Man

(Atlanta)- Kandice Guice is not only a successful attorney but she’s a beauty blogger as well. Working for a fortune 500 country, Kandice had the world on her shoulders but she was single. While Guice acknowledged that she didn’t need a man to define her, she was open to dating. Surprisingly, Guice found herself attracted […]


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