Maya Angelou becomes the first Black woman Ever to Appear on A US quarter

Maya Angelou is being honoured with a feature on the US 25-cent coin, popularly called a quarter.

The US Treasury minted coins, making the Iconic US poet and activist the first black woman ever featured on the coin.

Coins are planned for other pioneering women, including an astronaut, a tribal chief and an actress – as part of the American Women Quarters programme.

The move was hailed by the nation’s first female treasury secretary Janet Yellen.

Angelou was the first black woman to write and perform a poem at a presidential inauguration.

She rose to fame in 1969 with her ground-breaking autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, about her childhood in the deep South.

She has received dozens of honorary degrees and written more than 30 bestselling works.

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