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Your Ex-Lover Should Never Be Your Friend After Break up, It Ruins Relationships – Says Counselor

Lifestyle: Renowned marriage and relationship counselor,  Dr. Charlotte Oduro has advised ladies in relationship to desist from creating a friendship with their ex-lovers.

According to Dr. Charlotte, keeping your ex-lover as a friend after break up can go a long way to ruin relationships.

She advised that an ex-lover should be kept at a distance.

“Don’t ever tell yourself that your ex is your friend. Your ex shouldn’t be your friend, if he is ex, let him go. To save your present relationship, let your ex go. When you have a boyfriend, forget about the ex.

If he wanted to stay, he shouldn’t have left because the more you communicate, the more you remember the things you did before. Cut it short”, Counsellor Oduro stated.

Counselor Oduro made this revelation during a recent interview with Monty Oz on his entertainment show.

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