Jamaica News, April 21, 2018

Hanover Most Wanted Men Captured   

By Henry Bucknor     

The Hanover police have reported that, A popular gang leader is among two wanted men, who have been on the list of the “ten most wanted men” in the parish of Hanover for some time now and who were taken into custody earlier this week.

The men have been identified as, Uton Crockett, otherwise called “Biggs”  of Elgin Town in Lucea.  Crockett is said to be the leader of the “One Link Gang” which operates out of the parish and was being sought for Illegal possession of Firearm and Ammunition. Hanover Most Wanted Men Captured 

The other wanted man has been identified as, Jermaine Bowen, otherwise called “Pinocchio” and he was being sought for Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition, shooting with intent and Wounding with Intent.  Bowen was captured during a sting operation carried out at a section of St Mary called Dover on Thursday, April 18.

The lawmen have indicated that these two men have been appearing on the list of Wanted Men in Hanover for some time now and residents have expressed a sigh of relief to know that they are now behind bars.

A third notorious wanted man Ryan Peterkin, otherwise called ‘Ratty”,   who was also on the list of “Hanover top ten wanted men” was shot and killed last weekend during a shoot-out with Joint Military Team in Berkshire, Westmoreland.

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