Jamaica Most Wanted, Ratty Killed in Shootout with Joint Military Team

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Jamaica News, April 14, 2018 – Ratty Killed in Shootout with Joint Military Team

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The Area One police has reported that one of two gunmen, who was fatally shot after they challenged members of a  joint military team  in a shootout, in the parish of Westmoreland on Saturday morning, April 14, is believed to be Jamaica most wanted man Ryan Peterkin, otherwise called “Ratty” and leader of the “Ratty Gang” .

Peterkin who has been on top of the most wanted men list in the parishes of Hanover,  St James  and Westmoreland, is believed to be one of two gunmen shot and killed in bushes located on the border of Westmoreland and St Elizabeth in a community known as Berkshire District.

Ratty Killed in Shootout with Joint Military Team

The police also stated that two illegal firearms and several rounds of ammunition were taken from the men.

Reports are that about 11:00 a.m. on Saturday,  a joint military team carried out an operation in Berkshire District in search of Peterkin and members of his dismantled gang.

On reaching a section of bushes, they came under heavy gunfire from a group of gunmen and the Fire was returned.  A heated gun battle ensued for several minutes and during the shooting, two of the gunmen were shot and killed. The others managed to escape in bushes

Ryan Peterkin, otherwise called “Ratty” and members of his notorious gang who operated out of Mother Lane in Cambridge and the neighbouring community of Retrieve, fled the parish to sections of St Elizabeth and Westmoreland during the start of the State of Public Emergency in February.

Investigators stated that Ratty and his Gang members are being sought in connection with over 20 different murder incidents across western Jamaica.  They have been creating mayhem and terror in Cambridge, St James, over the past two years .

The gang members are heavily armed and are outfitted with several teenage boys who were recruited at Mother Lane in Cambridge during 2017.

Since the State of Emergency has been imposed on the parish of St James the security forces have learnt that Peterkin and his gang  posed as Market vendors and fled to sections of Westmoreland and St Elizabeth.

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