Dear McKoy: Obeahman Told My Boyfriend He Didn’t Get Me Pregnant

Dear McKoy: Obeahman Told My Boyfriend He Didn’t Get Me Pregnant – I am 18 yrs old and I have been living with my boyfriend since last year February. When I left my parents’ house they were very angry and they warned me about all the things that could happen if I go to “shack up” with a man at that young age. It seemed all they were telling me had come to pass. Not even a few months after I moved in he started fighting and cursing me. I stopped talking to all of my friends and family members because of him.

Last month, when I discovered I was pregnant, I was not worried since I believed he would be there 100 percent. But everything changed after he went to a obeahman who told him I was cheating on him and the baby is not his. He came home very angry and got violent. He said the obeahman told him the man I was cheating on him with is tall and brown. I have never cheated on him and everything that this man told him are lies.  He said I should leave his house so I had to beg my parents to let me stay with them. I was so lucky that they took me back in under these circumstances. They have been very supportive and they even spoke with him and asked him to do a DNA test after the baby is born, which he agreed to. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when it proves that the baby is his. Then it will also prove that the obeahman is a liar.


B. James.


Dear B. James: I am sorry that you went through all this. Most of the times your parents know best so it’s good to listen and adhere to their rules. With that being said, they have taken you back under their roof knowing you are pregnant and they are being supportive, which is a big plus.

Now is the time to take control of your life. It is good that he is not in it anymore. If he is being abusive, then he does not deserve you. He wants someone to manipulate and control. You will learn from this experience, focus on yourself and your child. In the end, when the DNA test results come back, he will realize that he is a fool to get scammed by the obeahman. 

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