Dear McKoy: Pregnant for One of Two Brothers

Dear McKoy: I am now in a serious, depressing and disgusting situation.  I have been along with my boyfriend for 3 years.  We met at a party and we danced for the entire night.  After that, we started going out and eventually dated.  He is a real eye candy.

That man is adorable and caring.  He knows how to treat a woman.  We met right before the pandemic so we spent a lot of time together during the lockdowns.  We would cook, clean, and watch movies together.

The problem I was having was that he couldn’t sex good.  The first time I saw his penis, I got excited because it was big and pretty.  Only to find out that it had no use.  Now I was not a virgin but my vagina was well tight but I just could not feel anything when he enters me.  His oral sex game is off the bomb so I enjoy that aspect.  I Googled the issue and saw all sorts of remedies to try but none worked.  When he enters me, he has so much toe-curling fun and even screams out sometimes.  I just use to make sure that I get my oral fix before he starts his antics that only benefit him.

We went to visit his brother one afternoon and if I thought my man looked good, his brother was drop-dead handsome.  The man looked like chocolate was melted and molded on his skin.  I found myself licking my lips just looking at him.  His wife came out and immediately I developed a hatred for her.  She is a beauty and you could tell that they adored each other.  My boyfriend was there flaunting me and expressing his love for me while I excused myself to use the restroom.

While in there, the door opened and it was the brother.  He said he saw me licking my lips and said he had something nice for me to lick.  He took out his penis and I dropped to the floor and sucked on it.  I literally had an orgasm from just sucking it.  He said the time was not right so we exchanged numbers to arrange a meet-up.  We went back to the sitting room and acted normal but I just could not get him out of my head.  That night we texted each other and made plans to meet up.

My boyfriend had to travel for 2 weeks so it was the perfect opportunity.  The brother is a contractor and told his wife that he had a client to see in Portland.  That night we spent at a hotel in St. Mary.  We went to a secluded beach for a picnic then spent the night at the hut on the cliff.  That man brought my body, mind and soul to some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Orgasms were ripping through my body as the waves were beating on the rocks below us.  We even forgot about condoms because we wanted to explore each other deeply. The penetration was jaw-dropping, I found myself crying to how sweet it was.  When we left Portland the following day, my vagina was sore and swollen but I was happy.  I just went home and soaked myself in Epsom salt.  For most of that two weeks, we had sex even in the bed I shared with my boyfriend.  The night before he returned, the brother slept at the house with me and we stained my boyfriend’s favorite seat with our love juices.

When my boyfriend came back, I cried but he thought I missed him and was happy he was back.  Pity he didn’t know that I was missing his brother.  We had sex and it was back to the craziness.  The brother and I would get at it the least chance we got.

I have always had abnormal periods so me missing for 2 cycles was normal.  I started feeling very sick and weak.  I thought I caught covid.  I went to the doctor and did the test and it showed negative.  He took a urine sample and only to find out I was 3 months pregnant.  My boyfriend was so excited and started treating me like an egg.  The first person he called was his brother.  The brother texted me immediately and said he know it’s his baby.  I just had the feeling that it was true.  I got so overwhelmed because I didn’t know who is the father.  My boyfriend surprised me for my birthday with a little party and proposed to me. His brother sent me a huge amount of money in my bank account for my birthday.  Truth be told, I love my boyfriend but I am in love with his brother.  I feel like aborting the baby but I am 6 months now and that would be cruelty.  The brother is willing to end his marriage to be with us but I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend.




Dear Confused: You and the brother are like peas in a pod and deserve each other.  You are going to cause a great rift between these two men.  Is it the jealousy for the wife that lead you to sleep with her husband?  You are very cruel for stepping across that boundary.

Men will say they will leave their wives but it doesn’t materialize most times.  If that man loves his wife, he will not leave her for you and if the wife loves her man, you will not get him from her that easily.  I suggest you be honest with your boyfriend and get a DNA test done after the birth.

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