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St. James Residents Say Zone Of Special Operations Was Not A Success

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- St. James Residents Say Zone Of Special Operations Was Not A Success: Residents and business operators in the parish of St. James are now indicating that the implementation of ZOSO, Zone Of Special Operations in the parish, has not proved its worth.

The Residents and business operators complained that despite that no murders were committed in the community of Mount Salem since the invasion of the Joint Forces in early September, over ten murders still occurred within the Mount Salem policing areas.

Our news team was also told by residents that a total of over 40 illegal firearms were seized in St. James since September, but only six of these illegal firearms were reported seized within  ZOSO and its surroundings.

During the first four days of September, the Prime Minister of Jamaica announced the Zone of Special Operations for the community of Mount Salem in St James. Up to that period, a total of 197 persons had been murdered in the parish of St. James.

Over the past six weeks of the Zone of Special Operation, a total of 45 persons have been brutally slain within the parish.

This has taken the total of a number of persons killed in St James since 2017 to 242.

Residents say based on these terrifying figures, it is very clear to see that  ZOSO had very little effect on crime in the parish.

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