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Man Miraculously Escapes Death In Mandeville Car Crash

Manchester, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Man Miraculously Escapes Death In Mandeville Car CrashA man has miraculously managed to escape death in a dangerous motor vehicle accident which could have claimed his life.

According to reports, the man who was allegedly on his way to work around 6:50 am this morning was driving on Old Greenvale Road in Mandeville, when he lost control of his vehicle and decided to abandon the vehicle. Reports indicate that after he jumped from the vehicle the car crashed into a wall.

Information that was given to us also indicated that the man had not sustained any major injuries but had a few scrapes. The Fire Brigade was summoned and upon arrival, they went about clearing the road of any debris or fragments that could result in another accident. They also had to sand the road as there was an oil spill when the vehicle crashed. 


Residents, as well as other motorists, looked on in disbelief as they wonder how the man had managed to escape such an accident. He was transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

Written By: Mikayla Simpson

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