You May be Locked up for Excess Use of NWC Water

As of Thursday, July 9, you may be prosecuted for watering your garden, using a hose to wash your vehicle and any action that requires considerable or excessive use of National Water Commission (NWC) -supplied water.

The NWC published prohibition notices, in the newspapers at the weekend, “making it a prosecutable offence to either waste water or to use an excessive amount of the commodity for non-essential purposes,” the Commission said in a release.

The action by the NWC is in light of very low water storage levels in its two main facilities in the Corporate Area. According to the Commission, the Mona Reservoir is at 50 per cent of its capacity or 411 million gallons and the Hermitage Dam at  34 percent of capacity or 136 million gallons.

The commission says failure to abide by the Prohibition order is “punishable by a fine imposed by the parish courts after conviction or, for failing to pay the fine, imprisonment for up to thirty days.”

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