Verbal War Explodes After Foota Hype Claims Vybz Kartel ‘Took Away’ Intence’s Woman

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Dancehall selector Foota Hype and breakout star Intence are now embroiled in a dramatic showdown, with Foota seemingly gaining the upper hand as of Monday evening.

The rift between the two developed over the weekend after the veteran selector, in one of his Instagram Live feeds, claimed that incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel had, from behind the walls of the St. Catherine District Prison, taken away Intence’s woman.

“Vybz Kartel is di biggest gyallis in Dancehall as of now.  Oonu feel like seh Kartel, and Intence have prablem ova song?  Memba Vybz Kartel stay a jail an teck weh Intence gyal.   Night pan tap a night, Intence caa si him gyal.  Shi a skin out pan har head, neck; shi haffi a fix di phone,” Foota had said.

“One a di time is a shoes lace she use tie on di phone pon di bulb suh Kartel can see har pan har head top upside dung… All a di artiste dem weh yuh s idem an Kartel a kick aff, a ova gyal,” Foota said from his barbershop base in Florida.

The Worl’ Boss and Intence had a public tiff following the release of Up Top Gaza in April, which did not immediately take the No.1 Trending Spot on YouTube.  A ticked off Kartel publicly accused ‘some bwoys’ of buying views.  Intence, who was holding firm to the No. 1 spot with Tears Dem Dry at the time, shot back in an Instagram post.

After the spat, a voice note, which Intence has denied, was leaked.  The voice on the recording dissed Kartel for being in prison without female company.  Kartel responded to that, telling a fan, “bro di amount a gyal me f— da mongrel de dont even know that amount a humans. Plus none a him gyal dem no make one. So it go when ‘neva see come see’”

Meanwhile, the shenanigans reached fever pitch on Sunday after Intence uploaded to Instagram, a clip from a song which he said was under production.

In the 22 second clip, which set his fans tongues wagging, Intence hurled abuses at Foota, whom he claims is seeking fame.

“New bomb a drop
Like a every odda day, dem fine sittn new fi try
If dem nuh mention mi name, dem feel dem naw oono life
An tuh how mi love p__ couldn’t guh widout a night
Nuh gyal can style mi, suck yuh madda Foota Hype
Keep wisef to wiself, nuh innna everybaddy yaad
Know few warrior, a nuh everybaddy dawg
Want piece a the fame, ago gi yuh weh you want”

His doting fans egged him on, claiming they immensely disliked Foota as he was too talkative.

“Diss up di bwoy yes Yengboss!! Big waste man dat,” 1real_rankin said while tas_si_a said Intence had played right into Foota’s trap, as the veteran selector was using Intence’s name to increase his viewership on his social media platforms.

“Right deh so mi artist… just doh mention his name cos that’s what him want fi get back relevant. You mentioning his name gonna give him more audience/supporters/views and that’s his whole objective,” he said.

The conflict exploded on Monday evening, as Foota, having got wind of the Yeng artiste’s response, skipped Instagram and instead in counteraction, took to his new YouTube channel Suhvyva Godcast, in a one-hour tirade in which he held nothing back, making several bombshell revelations which brought the young artiste’s sexuality into question, gave details of his personal life and other things that can’t be mentioned here.

“Mi nu come internet com tell lie pon people.  Mi a bad man.  Mi nuh haffi talk badniss or guh tell a man fi suck him madda fi seh mi bad.  Mi know seh mi straight like arrow… Yeng a man weh man ride an dilly-dally and skid and jump up pan…,” he said.

“Mi naw guh tell yuh seh wi a guh hold yuh and bruck yuh up, cause a peace wi a deal wid inna di music.  But know dis:  yuh naw nuh mannaz.  Likkle snail; likkle tadpole.  Yuh seh Foota Hype fi guh suck him madda; yuh pass yuh place an as lang as yuh live keep inna di back  a yuh brain seh yuh tell Foota Hype fi guh suck him madda,” he continued.

Foota Hype claims he knew the artiste’s secrets but had kept it confidential, but because Intence had sought to disrespect him and his dead mother, he was taking no prisoners, as the artiste was now a bitter rival.

“Memba mi neva waa dis yuh.  Mi know yuh business an mi neva waa talk…  Just look outta yuh eye and watch the results of all di people dem weh tell Foota fi guh suck him madda, an try style Foota. Caw first ting, mi neva diss yuh.  Mi seh di reason why Vybz Kartel and Yeng Bossa war, a because Vybz Kartel stay a jail and teck weh Yeng Boss gyal,” he said.

“Suh how dat warrant fi you feel like yuh fi tell Foota fig uh suck him madda, and yuh fraid fi tell Kartel fi guh suck him madda.  And yuh fraid fi tell di gyal weh deh wid Kartel fi guh suck har madda,” he added.


Source: Dancehallmag

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