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Woman Arrested For Stabbing

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Woman Arrested For Stabbing: A young woman who stabbed her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend  in uptown Montego Bay on Wednesday night, was arrested and charged by an off-duty police officer.

Reports from the Barnett Street police, are that shortly after 8:30 pm on Wednesday, the woman reportedly  went to a section of the Barnett Street and Cottage Road intersection, and engaged her ex-boyfriend in an argument.

While this was happening, the boyfriend’s present girlfriend walked on the scene, and was  calling him away, when she was attacked by the accused woman. The accused pulled a knife and proceeded to stab her ex-boyfriend and his lover repeatedly. Another man who was at the location and saw what was taking place, intervened and he too was stabbed several times by the woman.

They  were  spared  further injury  when an off-duty officer arrived on the scene, and discharged  several rounds in the air to prevent  the armed woman from stabbing all three victims to death.

At length the woman was disarmed by the officer and taken into custody, while all three wounded victims were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital ,where they were treated and admitted in serious but stable condition.


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