What Happened to Sandokan?

In Vybz Kartel’s verse on XXXTENTACION’s song Royalty, he says “real badman like Sandokan”. But who is Sandokan, and why did his name get mentioned in this metaphor?

Wayne ‘Sandokan’ Smith is recalled to have been a kind man in his community. Though he was dealing marijuana, he was not the type to commit robberies and murders, reports state. It is not until the police interfered in his money-making venture that things turned haywire. When he escaped police arrest, they instead took his wife to jail. While riding with his girlfriend as a pillion passenger the police summoned the vehicle to a stop. Smith made an escape and the woman was arrested.

A day before this incident, the police reportedly attempted to capture Smith at his girlfriend’s house. He was not there when they arrived, so they demanded information from the woman. This incident gave birth to his plan to ransack the police station by drafting a floor plan and preparing Molotov cocktails.

On November 19, 1986, evidently infuriated by the matter, Sandokan executed a vicious attack on the police station. This attack was accompanied by gunsmoke and fire, where the criminal and his cronies looted guns and ammunition and left three policemen lifeless.

The incident was achieved by Sandokan and his armed gang using a ladder to enter the station. The men first shot the sergeant on duty, leaving him completely unaware of his life being taken and oblivious to the impending atrocity. The district constable attempted an escape but was left lying in his own pool of blood at the entrance of the building.

The gang members then stole multiple guns and left the station burning after throwing the Molotov cocktail bombs.

Unfortunately for the instigators, one of the bombs failed to explode, allowing forensic scientists to ID one of the criminals- Kenneth Worms. The clue led police to a house in Waterhouse, where Worms was shot and killed by the police, and a number of weapons were recovered. Later that day, Nicholas Henry was also caught in Waterhouse, multiple weapons were also recovered, but Henry saved himself by complying with the investigators.

After somehow progressing through customs and immigration, Sandokan was seconds away from escaping the island but was held aboard a departing flight at the Sangster International Airport. He attended court for the police murders, but managed to escape jail before receiving his sentence. Surprisingly, he turned himself in on the following day.

When questioned, Sandokan stated that he simply walked out and hopped on a bus home after being told he was free to go. He only went back because he was paranoid that he was being set up. On the contrary, police report that Sandokan had a sinister plan to leave for England.

During the trial, Henry and Smith denied any connection to the Olympic Gardens Police attack. Nonetheless, the jury turned a guilty verdict on three counts of murder for both parties. He escaped prison, having only been locked up for under two years before going on a crime spree.

On June 15, 1987, Sandokan escaped prison and went to his community. A month later, he was shot by police but escaped their capture. Later that month, he held a rifle up to Moses Bent, calling his full name aloud, allowing him to see the weapon and the holder before hearing a loud BANG immediately before his life drifted away.

Shortly after, Sandokan accused 16-year-old Robert Winter of informing to police. As a revenge ploy, him and his allies tied the boy to an old car so tightly that he was unable to dodge the merciless stoning that resulted in his death.

It is believed that since his prison escape, he committed around nine murders and other crimes.

Regardless of the police’s countless attempts to capture Sandokan themselves, it is believed that it is fellow gunmen from Natty Morgan’s Gang who got a hold of him. His lifeless body was found in bushes with uncountable bullet wounds.

Source: Jamaica’s Most [email protected] Ep#8: Sandokhan/JBNN – YouTube


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