Crimes that Richochet

The most dangerous criminals in Jamaica have strategically found ways to commit heinous crimes in broad daylight, then walk the streets daily as regular citizens.

There are a few areas in the country that are believed to be crime-plagued areas. You guessed it. Montego Bay, Spanish Town.. you name the rest. For the purpose of this look into Jamaica’s most dangerous criminals, we will focus on Spanish Town.

Joel Jennings’ (JJ) career as allegedly one of the most dangerous criminals from the Klansman Gang did not start from him being introduced to the streets until he slowly became influenced by their procedures… he instead started his own. JJ is believed to have been born in 1991, and his lifespan abruptly ended in 2011.

His irrationality stemmed from his obvious inability to reason with what lawmakers would call the “reasonable man”. First off, he was illiterate. His inability to read and write is believed to have limited his comprehension skills, even for sympathizing with regular human beings who have surrounded him for the entirety of his life, like anyone else.

He climbed his way to the top of the violent stream, possibly because of his lack of love in his childhood. The sole thing that would make him feel fulfilled, accepted, or even loved, was notoriety for his torturous acts. Now, think about this… if there was an operation carried out to kill multiple people, he would be responsible for killing over half of them. If he was not recognized for his big part, he would take offense. That is the behaviour of a real serial killer.

In fact, JJ Knockis had respect for no one, except for those who took a similar path, and who he idolized in the criminal society.

In one particular incident, a soldier from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) visited the area which Knockis considered “his”. Apparently, he did not quite like it, and questioned the soldier, to which the soldier revealed his JDF connection. In retaliation, Knockis not only killed the soldier, but took his gun- an incident which contributed to the young boy’s demise, because, as you could expect, the JDF had to not only defend, but avenge the life of their fellow soldier.

The police, who also held a very strong dislike for Knockis, now targeted anyone they believed to be in connection with the Klansman Gang as desperation grew to capture this torturer. In a strategic ploy to lure the necessary parties into the limelight, the police gave an ultimatum: to return the gun or face a situation you would much rather avoid.

This is where Knockis showed a sign of strength, and some would say, weakness. In effort to keep their infamous “badman” name, they went to return the gun. The gun was thrown onto the police premises during a shootout.

It is safe to say JJ Knockis contributed to his own death. Surprisingly not in the way you would expect based on the trajectory of this story. During another operation after this incident occurred, Knockis had a target whom he managed to murder. After the killing the male, he went over to essentially “finish the job”, which is a known mark of a Klansman killing.

Unfortunately for JJ, one of the bullets ricocheted and slapped him in the foot. What do you think happened next? Well, he didn’t end up having to be rushed to the emergency room where he was reported to authorities, which would have arguably been a better ending for him. Instead, because of his addiction to gruesomeness, he proceeded to another operation.

Because at this point in time he was a very popular target, he was being followed by police, and his reaction was to play hero. It is alleged that Knockis hopped out of the vehicle and fired shots at the policemen. In the back and forth gun brawl, the driver of the vehicle died, another man escaped, and another one got injured and ran for cover. But what happened to our beloved protagonist?

While trying to escape, his injured foot got the best of him. He could not run very far, so he ran into a bar. Thinking he escaped, he had an oh so slight period of relief- which was interrupted by his realization of the police right next to him.

As you can imagine, his shock contributed to his final pose before his death.

Source: jj knockis – YouTube


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