Vybz Kartel Blazes The Jamaica Star For ‘Bad’ Reporting

Vybz Kartel has taken aim at the Jamaica Star for an article they printed on April 3rd, 2020 that described his former home in Havendale as a dump.

In the article it is stated that: “The Havendale property which was once the official base for entertainer Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer during his heyday as producer, artiste manager, and deejay, is now a filthy, smelly, overgrown dump.”

“A partially open metal gate revealed dirty pillows on the ground, and a pile of faeces stained the entrance,” the article continued.  “A 10-foot high wall, one side scrawled with graffiti, helps to contain the abject misery inside the property, which residents say is a haven for “bare cokehead, prostitute, and madman”.

Another part of the article quotes a resident who says: “Something was done to clean it up, but people use the place as a big dump. The uptown cokeheads use it as a base, others sleep over there, and, you know, there is the night-time sexual activity as well.”

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, took to Instagram and tagged the Star as he admonished them for lacklustre reporting. He also he disclosed that he no longer owns the house.

He posted: “@thejamaicastar Lemme ask you this. Do you just take random people off the streets and turn them into reporters? Because real journalism would have led a professional reporter to find out if i in fact still own the property…(which i dont, it was sold ) . Im not totally surprised as you have in the past, done similiar unprofessional “tabloidish” #articles. Da reporter de brain smaller dan subatomic #particles . Mi love mek di news still so big big up #thejamaicastar …. Am Out!”

Kartel also has more important things to contend with right now after his failed appeal, as his lawyers now moving to petition for his release from jail to the Privy Council in the UK, as well as trying to have his time in jail reduced.

Popular Caribbean entertainer and comedian, who is based in New York, Majah Hype seemed to support the artiste, while poking a bit of fun in the comments under Kartel’s post. He commented: “  Am out!!”

Gaza nation, also showed their support for the Worl’ Boss in the comments. One fan said: “Wah Dem a try world boss Dem fi know the thing bigger than Dem cah try Lili down ur thing wah u name world boss not Jamaica boss world boss bigger than dem,” another fan added that he felt Kartel dealt with the situation in the appropriate manner: “Not going to lie but this man right here he’s totally not from this planet with his words and the way he produced it into this world  …….your more than the king they need to give you the government seat  ,” while another said it was just another attempt to keep Kartel down: “A man as great as you dem no rate dem try do everything fi fight yuh dwag smh black ppl gaza lives on forever  .”

Last December dancehall artiste L. A. Lewis made a bizarre visit to the now demolished house in Havendale, Jamaica which is believed to be the location where Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was murdered.


Source: Dancehallmag

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