Teen dies after allegedly being chased by cops during curfew

Jamaica News: A teenager’s death is now under investigation after he reportedly suffered from a heart attack which was allegedly induced by the pursuit of law officers who were enforcing the ongoing nightly curfew nationally.
The teen, Carmichael Dawkins, was locked in an unfortunate situation when he, and a friend, was unable to get a taxi home last Saturday night after shopping in Montego Bay city. When they were unable to get a taxi, Dawkins decided to head to his friend’s house and then try to get a taxi from there.
It is being reported that while they were on their way two sets of police stopped to question them. The first set spoke to them and left. The second commanded them to “run” after they were questioned. While running, Dawkins collapsed. He was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he later died.
A probe was launched by the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) and a report lodged at the Freeport Police Station.
A series of videos have been circulating on social media platforms showcasing members of the force asking citizens to do physically demanding, or humiliating, tasks when caught out after curfew.
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