Vox Pop: Should there be a two-week lockdown?

McKoys news team took to the streets and asked the following question about an issue on the lips of many Jamaicans at home and abroad:

“Do you think the Government should lock down the country for two weeks” so that the citizens will stay at home to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus?


1-Richard Leslie- Unemployed:  No, I think the Government should go around and get the citizen’s opinions first. It may cause chaos in a society where people may not have food or money. It may affect especially the pensioners who can’t work and depend on their pensions every two weeks.


2- Carlos Stephenson– Photographer: Yes, at least for three weeks. Let the people stay home so the virus will spread less. The government should send people to go house to house and check the people to see if there is any virus or any food to eat.


3-Steve Lawrence: Photographer: No, just for one week only. But if they are locking down the country, they should go house to house and check the people to see if they need anything first.


4- Anthony Rose -Security Guard: Yes it should lockdown. If the place lockdown the virus will gradually die.


5 –Shanice Spence – Unemployed: No. No, because if it lock down how the people will get food. How they will go to buy food to eat. It will be starvation. Some people hunt food on a daily basis, whether by begging or selling things.



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