Jodian died from heart failure

An autopsy was done on the body of Jodian Fearon who died at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) last week Friday died of heart failure.

Ms. Fearon was taken to the UHWI following the delivery of her baby at Spanish town Hospital. Delivery came hours after she was first taken to Andrew Memorial Hospital and then experienced a harrowing series of events as her doctors sought, without success to get her into UHWI and then Victoria Jubilee Hospital.

The autopsy was conducted Wednesday, April 29, a day after the woman would have celebrated her 24th birthday.

Her family’s lawyer Isat Buchanan told a local radio station that she was not known to have any heart condition before or during her pregnancy.

Ms. Fearon’s daughter is said to be healthy.

Woman dies after childbirth following harrowing ordeal
Woman dies after childbirth following harrowing ordeal

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