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Video: More Military Personnel Deployed in St James  

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Jamaica News, January 18, 2018 

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – More Military Personnel Deployed: As the State of Emergency heads into day two in the parish of St James,  it was noticeable that additional  security forces were deployed at several locations which are considered to be hot spots, as well as, along the main borders leading to and from the parish of St James.

Security is now doubled in areas such as Great River,  Greenwood, Flankers,  Salt Spring, Rose Heights, Granville and Salt Spring. Also, more motor vehicle were searched and more efforts imposed on the search of pedestrians and motorcycle riders.

Our news team learned that during the first day of operation, close to 500 breaches of the road traffic act were detected and close to 300 traffic tickets issued.  Also, more than a dozen motor vehicles were seized.

Day two of the State of emergency saw foot patrols being doubled in the inner parts of Montego Bay.  The soldiers and police took extra precautions carrying out body searches at the Montego Bay Transport Centre and in the vending arcades.

The second day seemed to have started out with good effects, if not for an incident where a motorist clashed with a Police Constable at the border of Hanover and St James.

The motorist was stopped by the officer while traveling from Hopewell to Montego Bay in his private vehicle and identified four passengers as his girlfriend and his three friends.

The officer informed him that he suspects that he is operating a robot taxi and decided to seize the vehicle.  Upon the arrival of the wrecker,  the motorist placed himself between both vehicles saying that he is not a taxi operator and he won’t allow his vehicle to be seized.  This caused a major disruption at the location.

Even upon the instructions of his superior officer,  the officer still wanted to make his presence felt by seizing the vehicle but the motorist jumped in his car and drove it to another section of the area.

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