Cruise Ship President Lee Bailey

Cruise Ship President Lee Bailey Calls for Proper Policing in Tourist Corridors

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News. January 18, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Cruise Ship President Lee Bailey Calls for Proper Policing: President of the Caribbean Cruise Shipping Industry Lee Bailey says the Minister of National Security now also needs to place more police officers along the relevant tourist corridors around Montego Bay.

According to Mr. Bailey,  when criminal activities occur in and around the city they cause major delay for visitors traveling to and from the airport and the Cruise Shipping Pier.  He added that if these activities are allowed to affect the cruise line it will result in a chain reaction that has never been seen before in the tourism industry.

He further stated that the Government is treading on very thin lines and it is only a matter of time before these criminal happenings spill over into the industry.

‘More policing must  be emphasized in the corridors where tourist from the Cruise lines and the airport venture on a daily basis, this to ensure the safety of each and every visitor and maintain the industry.” said Mr. Bailey

The Cruise Shipping President was speaking to media representatives a day after he called on the government to take actions against crime and criminals in St James and immediately a State of Emergency was imposed.

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