Vershon Takes Us ‘Outside’ For New Music Video

Dancehall artiste Vershon is back once more with a new hot single and music video called “Outside”.  The name of the track itself stimulates interest as Jamaicans and the world at large are now yearning to go “outside” because of the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown.

The song, a Big Laugh Music production, is voiced on the Chop Chop Riddim. The music video was produced by Terminal4Media.

The visuals begin with Vershon pulling up in a grey BMW motor car to a beautiful property complete with palm trees, well-groomed gardens, and a swimming pool. Some beautiful women skimpily clad in bikinis excitedly rush to meet the dancehall artiste and remove an igloo from his car trunk. They then proceed to their private pool party with Vershon being the only male present.

The track shows off Vershon’s versatility at mastering different flows as well as pitch variations while alternating between a coarse flow and a higher-pitched delivery.

The chorus of the song starts with “Wi outside, up inah di gyal dem mouthside” and is a catchy hook that offers a subtle play on words that will definitely stick in the head of the listener.

The rest of the song consistently delivers lyrics that complement the beat pretty well with talks of sexual escapades and reminders that he is also a thug not to be taken lightly.

The video, which was released late yesterday on YouTube now has over twenty-five thousand views and over three thousand seven hundred likes. The fans who are tuning in from all over the world are lighting up the comments section with positive reviews. They seem to be enjoying the quality of the song as well as the clean high definition video filled with hot girls and the longed-for party environment.

It is currently at the #31 trending video spot in Jamaica and seems to be continuing its ascent.


Source: Dancehallmag

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