UIC President Among Several Arrested at Protest

President of the United Independent Congress Joseph Patterson was among a group of persons arrested by police this morning at an anti-COVID-19 vaccination protest in downtown Kingston.

The United Independent Congress was responsible for organizing the demonstration.

A number of people gathered outside The Ward Theatre this morning for a planned march to Gordon House. The police urged demonstrators to disperse before the march began since the march had not been granted a permit.

Despite police warnings that the planned march on to Gordon House would be in violation of the Disaster Risk Management Act, protestors proceeded with the march. They were protesting against forced COVID-19 vaccinations, regardless of the fact that the Jamaican government had not issued such a mandate. The Protesters also demanded the resignation of all 63 members of parliament.

The police moved in after nearly two hours of marching in Central Kingston, and Patterson was arrested along with a number of demonstrators.

The detainees are currently being processed.

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