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Tupac’s bodyguard speaks on his death

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By SS the Showstopper

One of Tupac’s bodyguard, Blood Piru gang member Mob James, spoke candidly in an interview that was uploaded on Youtube about the life of Tupac and what led to his demise. It’s been almost 2 decades since the rap legend was killed in a drive by shooting, but to this day, no arrest and conviction was made and the speculations from people who were in his circle continues.

James claims that Crips member Orlando Anderson, a man named often in theories about Tupac’s death, was the killer.

“His name started coming cause he was taking credit for it,” James says around the 16:40 mark of the interview below. “He started tell people he did that. We decided, basically, it’s on. They just killed Tupac. This was my thing. Tupac was hanging with us. Everybody was looking at this as the mob let Tupac get killed. We couldn’t have that.”

Tupac’s bodyguard also claimed that Tupac’s attitude changed when he started hanging out with the Pirus, his entire demeanor and mannerism was uncouth. He began spitting on people, bumping into people which later led to his death.

“If 2Pac would have stand to the side and watched, and if Suge would have said, ‘No you my money, you ain’t finna get in no fight, get over there,’ 2Pac would be still alive right now in the day,” James said. “And this is the only reason why he died, he interfered in something he had no power in.”

Those were blatant words of  James, an ex convict, bodyguard and former gang member.

“When Tupac had 30 cats behind him, when Tupac knew that can’t nobody hurt him because he’s got all these guys, Tupac changed,” James says around the 13:55 mark. “Tupac was spitting on people. Tupac was bumping into people. His attitude changed totally, and it’s what led to Tupac’s demise. Because if Tupac would’ve mind his business… He had the gangsters that was gonna take care of that anyway. If Tupac would’ve stood on the side and watched, and if Suge would’ve said, ‘No, you’re my money. You ain’t finna get in no fight. Get over there,’ Tupac would be still alive right now and today.”

He spoke of Tupac changing his walk, his talk, the mobb tattoo. Tupac’s bodyguard began questioning Suge Knight, who was responsible for Tupac, when he was signed to Death Row Records, but they all said he was a part of the team, a part of the circle now. Tupac bodyguard said he warned Suge about “Pac’s” behavior because he wasn’t a gang member, he shouldn’t be involved in things that had nothing to do with his career.

The ex gang member said “nothing was worth it in the , it’s a waste of time and a waste of lives,because they are all poor, all those who was with Death Row Records are broke now or in Penitentiary because they weren’t making any money so they had to do illegal things to make money. When Suge got arrested, he told everyone to bring in their cars and they weren’t driving Porche, they were driving old Cadillac. He didn’t care about anybody. Now he’s in prison crying he can’t breathe, he’s in pain because he’s not a gangster, now you all know who the real Suge is.”

His final words was that he’s glad he got a chance to expose the devil and that is what he’s doing.

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