Facebook suicide in Alabama

facebook suicide
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SS the Showstopper

By SS the Showstopper

The Facebook suicide using the live feature have once again been the spotlight of much controversy, as an Alabama man took his own life via Facebook live.

James Jeffery, 49 year-old from Robertsdale, Alabama was chatting online using the Facebook live feature with his friends, then  brandished a gun and  shot himself in the head, almost died immediately.

According to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, a woman contacted them after Jeffrey stopped answering her calls. The woman said that they were in the process of a breakup when Jeffrey suddenly stopped talking to her and refused to answer his phone.

When the police arrived at around 11pm at his home, they found the body of Jeffery lying with a single gun shot wound to the head.

There are no words on the definite time period, the Facebook suicide video was on the social media giant, but it was viewed over a thousand times before being removed 2 hours later.

This is adding to the portfolio of reports, as the increased pressure to shut down the live feature for 30 days that Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights leader had requested days earlier.

Earlier in January, a 14 year old girl committed the now infamous, Facebook suicide by hanging herself using the live feature to broadcast it. An upcoming actor and father of six shot himself in the head using the live feature, after he was accused of sexual assault. Robert Godwin, an elderly man was executed by one Steve Stevens, who complained about his fiance breaking up with him. Then there is the story of Wuttisan Wongtalay who killed his 11-month-old baby, then killed himself using the live feature.

Persons are hoping a decision is made by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg that will prevent the live streaming of these horrific actions being displayed live in front of billions of subscribers including children.


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