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Eight Jamaican Lottery Scammers Extradited to Bismarck, North Dakota

St. James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Eight Jamaican lottery scammers extradited to Bismarck, North Dakota, including policeman Jason Jahalal for charges in the lottery ring ran by Lavrick Willocks.

A Police and the mother of the mastermind of a lottery scam ring that ran between Jamaica and the United States of America, Lavric Willocks, were extradited to the Bismarck, North Dakota on April 26. 

According to US prosecuting authorities, the eight (8) are part of a criminal fraud organisation operating since 2009, led by Willocks, which used an advance fee scheme to defraud 80 elderly victims of about US$5.6 million.

The eight arrived with US Marshals and were assigned US attorneys.  Police constable Jason Jahalal and his seven co-accused appeared in a federal courthouse in Bismarck, North Dakota today.

Police Constable Jason Jahalal, Alrick McLeod, O’Neil Brown, Xanu Ann Morgan, Dario Palmer, Kazrae Gray, Kimberly Hudson, and Dahlia Hunter were each indicted in the state of North Dakota, USA on one count of conspiracy and attempting to commit wire fraud, 48 counts of wire fraud, 15 counts of mail fraud, and one count of money laundering.

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