More Extradition Request in Waiting for Jamaican Lottery Scammers

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Jamaican Lottery Scammers: several cities across the US have prosecutors gearing up to send more extradition request to the Jamaican government, for persons believe to be involved in lottery scamming or illegal sweepstakes.

In light of eight Jamaicans, including a police constable, a mother and her adult son, and a young woman, who has a one-year-old child, were being loaded on to an aircraft at the Norman Manley International Airport, in Kingston, to be sent to the US to stand trial for lottery scam offences, officials are now speaking to the press about their persistence in catching these criminals.

Joshua Polacheck counsellor for public affairs at the United States Embassy in Kingston revealed, that Jamaican and US law enforcement agencies were jointly pursuing between 3,000 and 5,000 lottery scam investigations and indicated that as many as 300 cases were at the pre-extradition stage.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. We expect to see just a steady flow of people going up to the United States to face justice for this crime,” he declared.

He further added that more extradition requests in relation to the lottery scam are in the hands of the Jamaican government and dozens more are in the hands of the American prosecutors at the extradition stage.

Jamaica’s Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has already declared that there will be no delay in the signing of extradition orders for Jamaicans wanted in the US for lottery scam offences. “All orders that come before me are signed within hours once I read them and everything is in order,” Chuck told reporters.

Extradited on a private US marshal aircraft yesterday were Constable Jason Jahalal, Kazrae Gray and his mother, Dahlia Hunter, Alrick McLeod, Dario Palmer, Oneil Brown, Xanu-Ann Morgan, and Kimberly Hudson – who gave birth while in custody – are wanted in the state of North Dakota on a 66-count indictment with more extradition awaiting.

The eight are accused of bilking millions of US dollars from US citizens, which JOLT was set up to combat. They were being brought to North Dakota, where they will be indicted by the US attorney for the state.

In a press release, US Ambassador to Jamaica, Luis Moreno, said, “The US and Jamaica are working hand-in-glove to crush the lottery scam scourge. Today’s extradition demonstrates that these criminals will face justice, whether in a Jamaican high court or through the American federal system. Not just the scammers but anyone who helps to facilitate their criminal activity.”

Four alleged members of the scamming network have reportedly been co-operating with US prosecutors, who have indicated that they will be using the testimony of cooperating members of the network to make their case against the others.

Lavrick Willocks, the alleged mastermind behind the scam, was extradited to the US in February after he agreed not to challenge a request for him.  He has since pleaded not guilty in a US Court.

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