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Wife Affair has R. Kelly slapped with a lawsuit

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

An alleged love triangle is now the center of attention in Mississippi as a deputy is suing R and B singer Robert Kelly, better known as R. Kelly for a 5 year wife affair he had with his spouse.

Kenny Bryant alleged that his wife Asia Childress rekindled a sexual relationship with the singer after attending one of his concerts in October 2012. Bryant claimed that Kelly and Childress had previously been in an intimate relationship, but that his wife told him it had ended ahead of their July 15, 2012, nuptials.

Bryant, who is a deputy with Hinds County Sheriff’s Department in Jackson, alleges that during the first few months following the renewal of the wife affair, Kelly gave Childress CHLAMYDIA.

He also claimed that his wife and Kelly communicated frequently over text messages, and would meet up in person in other states, including Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

Bryant further alleged, Childress convinced him to move to Atlanta for “her career,” but that “the ulterior motive of which was to foster her adulterous relationship with R. Kelly.”

The deputy said the moved pulverized his finances and that Childress filed for divorce to continue her affair with Kelly.

Bryant is seeking compensatory and punitive damages of an undisclosed amount and hopes to “punish R. Kelly, make an example of him to others, and to deter him and other similarly-situated defendants from engaging in adulterous conduct in the future, in the service of public interest.”

The piped piper of R and B has not said any word on the lawsuit, neither has his rep or Childress.

R. Kelly is best known for producing many great hits for stars like Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, The Isley Brothers, johnny Gill,the late Aalyiah who he married at the alleged age of 15, Sparkle, Changing faces and a host of other stars.

The big scandal came when a sex tape was released, said to be R. Kelly in the video engaged in graphic sexual escapade with a minor.

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