Time to Fix Traffic Congestion, Montego Bay’s Street Nightmare


Traffic congestion has become a nightmare out here in the second city, Montego Bay – for a very long time now, and it doesn’t  seems there is much the powers that be can do to remedy this callous nightmare any time soooooon

Motorist and pedestrians alike are fed-up with the long hours waiting in line to get to and from during the mornings and in the afternoon traffic congestion in Montego Bay.

Resulting from these long delays, several man hours have been lost due to these traffic blockades on both sides of the city. The same is happening to inland traffic, many who had to exit the downtown area of Montego Bay. Students too, are also affected by these traffic congestion hazards. Many of these students who use the public transportation to get to and from school are always late for morning devotions. Here, I would like to make some serious suggestions how to remedy this fragile and tedious traffic malpractices now taking place in and around the second city.

Frankly speaking, we need to implement some meaningful solution towards riding motorist of these long hours getting in and around the city. There is absolutely no good reason to suggest that instead what should be  a five or ten minutes drive in and out of the city, will actually take up to one hour or more

…This is total madness!

Traffic congestion
Common Morning Traffic in Downtown Montego Bay

Having concluded my survey of what is to be done in rectifying this “Traffic Duppy,” I am hereby challenging the relevant decision makers to lend listening ears to a constructive visionary like myself. Yes,  people who can implement creative and sustainable plans that can quickly solve many of the hidden agendas, including making recommendations that would make traffic move more freely and less time-wasting. Here are some useful suggestions that would get traffic moving faster.

For instant, Queens Drive should be made one-way between the hours of 6:30 am-and 10: am, Mon-Fridays. Doing so would allow traffic to flow much easier by using two lanes, and where possible, three lanes coming into town. Gloucester Ave and Sunset Blvd? They should also be use as one way between the hours of 6:00 am and 10: 00 am, Mon.-Friday, going in the opposite direction from Howard Cooke Boulevard unto Gloucester Ave and Kent Ave. Those streets could also accommodate two (2) or three (3) lanes traffic going out-of-town. Harbor Street should also be made into two ways from the inter section of Barnett Street unto the Round-About that links Queens Drive to Gloucester Ave and City Centre.

Motorist coming into town from the Queens Drive end would now have three options as to where they want to go. They can either use St. James Street, Barbour Street and Howard Cooke Boulevard to get to their destination in the shortest of time. Orange Street should be made into two-ways from the intersection of Creek Street all the way up to the intersection of Leader’s Avenue and Albion Road. Union Street should be use as a two-way from the intersection of Harbor Street all the way up to Doom Street and Brandon Hill Road, (Overton plaza).

Cottage Road, a one-way from the intersection of Kerr Crescent and Thompson Street, all the way down to Creek Street  and Saint Cleaver’s Avenue intersection. All of which will be from the hours of 6:30 am. and 10:00 am. Mondays to Fridays.

Along the Bogue Road and Alice Eldemire Drive should be made into three lanes during peak hours. Morning and evening between the hours of 6:00 am – and 10: 00 am, Mondays to Fridays. One of the out bound lanes could be used to accommodate the extra three lanes. From the intersection of Fairfield and Westgreen Road, traffic should be diverted into two lanes heading towards Barnett Street between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 am, Monday to Fridays.

We also need to look at the horrible traffic congestion madness that is taking place at the intersection at the Albion- Glendevon and Facility Four-Roads crossing during morning hours.

That section of Corridors’ urgently needs traffic police in the mornings to help with the free flow movements of vehicles. From my prospective, some serious attention is needed at that road junction, especially in the mornings between the hours of 7:00 am, and 10:00 am. There should be no right turn from Albion Road unto Facility Road during peak hours.  Also there should be no left turn from Upper King Street unto Facility Road between the same time as mention above.

(Ps: Note) for the traffic situation to be rescued, there ought to be some urgent road work being carried out at both intersection of Upper King Street and the Glendevon-Albion and Facility Crossroad.

For instance, motorist coming down from facility road could either turn left into the Glendevon Road, then proceeds along the Sun Valley main road, then turn right at the intersection of Sun Valley and Bottom Pen crossing, unto the Salt Spring-Green Pond main road; should they intended to get to Mount Salem or elsewhere uptown.

Widening the road along the Salt Spring-Upper King Street main road across from the crossing, into Facility Road would give motorist easier access to traverse that cordons heading into downtown.

How this would work?

With the widening of that piece of road way, motorist travelling along the Salt Spring Road would not be impeded because, the motorist who is turning right on to Facility Road will now – middle the street – and giving free passage for those heading to down town.  In fact, that intersection would now become three lanes traffic permanently.

One other concern that I see hampering the free flow of traffic in and around town, is that, motorist do not adequately plan their route when going about their respective businesses.

Motorist need to plan ahead of time.

Use get away route that will prevent long delays in traffic. Always check your road maps for to the easiest and less time-consuming route before departing your destination. Doing so, will both save time and money?

Here is one best way of getting away from traffic congestion, look for alternative route that can link up with your original routes.  Yes, it might take a little longer to get you where you want to go, nevertheless, a stitch-in-time saves plenty of time stuck in traffic which can be avoided, once commute is planned right.

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