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“E- PICK “- Join DJ Amber in a Discussion about Jamaica’s Music

Mckoy’s News Weekly Commentary By – Dj Amber


“E- PICK ” is a weekly Friday commentary post on, where Amber Crowl [Radio Personality, Host, Writer and activist] discusses music and an integral part of Jamaica’s culture and entertainment – the impact on our communities, the struggle of the Jamaican Music, and highlights of the success Jamaican has seen through music… Dj amber welcomes your talk back options and conversions, and comments on Mckoy’s News.Log on at 6:00 Every Friday for Dj Amber.

Welcome to this week’s E-Pick where I look at current music happenings on the Jamaican music scene or which have to do with Jamaican Music & Culture.

This week Recording Artiste Alkaline was in the spotlight. He was recently required by  Police in Kingston to turn himself in for questioning in relation to a murder. Now, despite rumours which are circulating implying that Alkaline was involved in the murder, that is not what was announced in the media by the Police.


Alkaline was simply called in for questioning [ in relation] to a murder. Well, he turned himself in to the Police and was held overnight for questioning up to Friday February 10.


It seems that the Police have a lot of questions for the artiste though as he was held for more than 24 hours.


My take on this is that, well, for one thing he is suspected of knowing something about a murder. How true is this? We will have to find out in the future but, for now I just want to say that I have seen and heard of too many allegations of artistes either committing crimes themselves or affiliated with people who may be involved in Crime. An Artiste needs to understand what becoming a public figure means and that it changes much of their life. He or she should not expect to be doing things which may cause him/her  to retreat from the public (Crime), while pursuing a profession which requires him or her to come in contact with the public (Music). The two just don’t mix well! And is a recipe for disaster.


We have seen in the past Artistes like Ninja Man face allegations of murder charges, Elephant Man accused of Rape, Bounty Killer accused of Assault, Buju Banton serving time in America for Drug Trafficking, Flippa Mafia jailed in America for Drug Trafficking & Money Laundering and Vybz Kartel sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder. That is way too many examples of why when an artiste is either involved in or associated with Crime, the end result can never be good.


Now, all the artistes mentioned are either middle aged or even a bit older. Have the young ones learned anything from these examples? Let’s hope so and that Alkaline will be able to show the world that he is neither associated with nor involved in Crime.


Let us wait to see the result of this on-going situation involving him. Artistes need treat Music like their only love. Treating music like a side-chick and Crime or other distractions as wifey will not contribute to maintaining a good reputation or longevity in music.


Moving on I just want to mention that it is Grammy week so congratulations to all the Jamaican Nominees. May the best one win. Until next time that’s it for E-Pick. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.


Next time I will tel you who won at the Grammy’s and give an update on Alkaline’s situation with the Law.

“Music is the rod, and we are Moses”-  Garnet Silk

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Until next week… Thanks for reading.


Log on  right here at 6:00 pm every Friday for “E- PICK.” 


 I am DJ Amber – Signing off until next week
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