Montego Bay Collymore Drive Gets Major Face-Lift

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – Collymore Drive road in Montego Bay got a much-needed major face-lift” on Monday February 13 for the Municipal.


The Project “City Cleanup Initiative” authorized by Mayor Homer Davis, which seeks to have a comprehensive cleanup of Montego Bay, began on Feb 12 with repair and re-channeling of  Montego Bay city drains, then moved along to repair of sections of the widely used Collymore Drive, on Feb 13.

Councillor Richard Vernon Jnr. Collymore Drive Repair Montego Bay
Collymore Drive, Montego Bay Road Repair (Photo Credit: Alan Lewin)

St. James Councilman Richard Vernon Jnr; Bryce Grant, Superintendent of Roads and Works; and Deputy Superintendent Saad Campbell, are working in cooperative to move the project along the streets of Montego Bay.

Collymore Drive serves as a major roadway, used by motor-vehicles and commuters daily to get onto Thompson and McCatty Streets, Montego Bay.

Councillor Richard Vernon Jnr, was on site during the drain and road repairs.

As the Municipal repair projects moves along ,Vernon Jnr. is pleased to report to Mckoy’s News, that more roads along Montego Bay are expected to get face-lifts.

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