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Lane FC takes win over Norwood Strikers

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – High riding Lane FC from out of the Railway Lane community of Montego Bay put up another spirited ever last week Monday.


In their senior league football competition, Lane Football Club rose above Norwood Strikers to give fans a daring win when they got past Norwood Strikers 3-2 on the UDC Field in Montego Bay.


Lane Football Club Feb17
Lane Football Club beats Norwood Strikers 3-2 on the UDC Field in Montego Bay, Feb 13 (Photo: Alan Lewin)

Goooaal! As Lane FC takes it home in the final minutes

Fans go a treat when the battle of both teams seemed gridlocked for overtime, and onlookers of the teams shuffled in anticipation; then out of what seems like a poof! The field erupted with Gooooaal!! Lance had taken it home, in a deserving prance.


At one point in the match both teams bumped heads to locked at 2-2 until late in the game, when the Lane FC moved past the Norwood goal keeper to score the winning goal, in a hard fight for the victory.


Joining in the well earned celebration on Monday is official of Railway Lance Football Club; community leader and businessman, Mr. Antonio Mckoy; President of Le Antonio’s Foundation , a free community youth development organization and

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