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Warren Johnson – “Views From Above”

In “contemplating” the subject of this article, you will have to consider and decide which side of the divide are you on, after an honest appraisal and self-examination.

If you are able to read and understand this far, there is no need to bog you down with the definition of the word Jamaican, nor the corrupted spelling which denotes our nationals, who as a rule, do not live up to the standards to be defined and called Jamaicans.
A Jamaican is a proud, fiercely independent stalwart of any sex who, by virtue of conduct, is worthy of praise and emulation. He is the honest, hardworking and engaged in the tireless pursuit of progress and prosperity for himself and family. He is law-abiding, even without being perfect in conduct. You would never see him urinating or defecating in public places.

And, whether he walks or drives, you do not see him on the street walking and eating – let alone to see him discard rubbish indiscriminately.

He may never come up for any of the National Honours you see being doled out yearly, but you can be certain that, in most cases, he would be a worthy nominee or recipient….

In the form of a person, I would point out as an extraordinary example: Commissioner Novelette Grant, who inspired this article; and whose phrase I borrowed while she lectured at a Domestic Violence Seminar at the Ibero Star hotel, yesterday, February 16, 2017.

This distinguished Jamaican, among others, are the kind of persons who give hope without any pretentious exertion, or overt effort that we have grown accustomed to. Which is merely meant for trickery. She is an unpretentious, genuine, article worthy of even consideration to run this country.

As I listened to her talk to the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (Team JCF, she calls them), I was swollen with pride and, brimmed with hope that the police force is in good hands; and concluded that, despite opinions to the contrary, the men and women of the JCF are not short of training nor ‘talking to,’ but like so many who have fallen prey to their environment and other factors that affected them negatively, there are those who are bona-fide ‘Jumakans’.


These are the crass, boorish kind undeserving of citizenship, whose every waking moment, through omission and commission, is spent tearing down the nation.

These are the kind who literally and figuratively spit, urinate and defecate indiscriminately all over the place creating and spreading germs like a mindless, destructive virus. They are your neighbours, who would string up a sound in the neighbourhood – playing music of some of the most vile and lewd kind, disturbing you without care; and if you dared to speak with them about it, they would “cuss” you into the ground and threaten to annihilate you.

They are the Pastors, who have 10 people in a fair-sized room, but must use speakers and horns to bellow his message to God. Do not mess with him, because he is making a ‘joyful noise unto the Lord’. He is the Taxi-man, who stops his car while the light is on green, and loads passengers even as the light goes from green to red; or  he just skips through on the amber leaving you in frustration. He is the one who carries the parents to work, but leaves the children struggling to get to school, because their fares are too small.

He is the criminal who sets about in wanton destruction killing and maiming his brothers and sisters.

He is also the person who aids and abets, shield and protect him, from his mother down to his girlfriend, wife or relatives.

He is the kind who cares not who gets hurt in the pursuit of fame, fortune and so called happiness.

A Jumakan can be anyone who is a bogus Jamaican, they are athletes, artistes, musicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, carpenters, masons, garbage collectors, common labourers, and the list goes on and on; with one thing in common, being proud “Jumakans.”

Have you thought about it?


Now here is the challenged – which side of the divide are you on? Who are you, and who do you want to be? Each day offers the hope and real possibilities to make a change for the better.

Until next time, keeps doing what is noble and just.

Go ahead and have a discussion right here.

I am Warren Johnson


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