The Three Ranks from Mobay

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The Three Ranks from Mobay: Gone were the days when Carnival was so popular in communities across St James. Alan Gordon promotion along with Wayne Thompson started the Ghetto Talent shows in Paradise Row in December 1992.

MC Allan Ranks, the action master

The event spread like a wild fire in every community where carnival was held. One man who gained popularity from these carnivals, was Allan Gordon, more popularly known as Allan Ranks, the action master. He was the MC for these carnival shows, doing all of three events per night. Up to this day, he is still one of the most popular Ghetto MCs who really deserves an award for his talents.

Satta Ranks

Then in the mid-90s a Ward Assistant at the Cornwall Regional Hospital who called himself Satta Ranks, created one of the biggest upset at Club Inferno in 1994, where he defeated Chiney Eye in the final of a Club Inferno talent contest. The win brought Satta a lot of popularity so much so that the late Dave Grizzle took him and some talented Montegonian DJs on a tour of Europe.

The group consisted of Little Scarvy, Ever Sparks, Jaggy D, Satta Ranks among others. Just as things seem to be blossoming for the young Montegonian Group, then suddenly there was sad news that the manager for the group, Dave Grizzle perished in a dreadful motor vehicle accident along the Rosehall main road. After that, the group never made it back to Europe, but just had to live with an enjoyable memory.

Mikey Ranks, now Mycowave

Then the millennium season saw a professional butcher, Michael Black emerging on the scene using the name Mikey Ranks, who came and dominated every stage show that was held in the parish. He received encores upon encores, so much so that record producer Junie Star took him to a show in Grand Cayman. He also appeared on sting 2004 as a Starlight act and created an impact that Sting promoter Isaiah Laing anticipated much from him in the future. His “Tek Yu Book” song was very popular amongst young adults and he steadily carved out a name for himself.

In 2014, he changed his name to Mycowave and he is even hotter on the Dancehall Scene. The Ranks are amongst the best entertainers in St James.

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