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There’s something about Jamaica, that is tearing at the hearts of every sober Jamaican and indeed people from all over the world who love this little island.

The violence being perpetrated against our women and children have grown into a gross and disturbing sensationalism which is hard to watch.

Hard as it is to watch, many people ARE – watching the videos and sharing the pictures of these gruesome incidents, and more people are becoming aware of the extent to which our women and girls are at risk in the society. With several recent incidents involving the rape and/or murder of women and girls in Jamaica, I can’t ignore the fact that this is a serious problem which indicates there are some mentally unstable and outright evil persons out there, pouncing on our women and girls.


I say this because, only sick or evil people would do the things that I have seen done to women and girls in the pictures and videos being reported in the news and circulated on social media. Now many people have other theories about  why this upsurge of violence against women and girls is happening.  I will not go into any of those, except to say – there is NEVER a good enough reason for a man to rape or kill a woman, especially in the brutal ways in which we are seeing women and girls being slaughtered.


Besides the evil or instability which lies in some of the perpetrators, I believe that a part of the root cause of this problem comes from lack of love and respect in our society, especially in young people. When you find that in your society, good moral & spiritual values are scarce, especially among young Jamaicans. It should be no surprise that the “spirit of evil” will have many opportunities to show itself through the actions of some individuals. That manifestation of evil through the killing of our girls and women, is a strong indication to the Government and all of society, that we need to do more than just – “Talk, Like or Share.”


We must come up with new and more aggressive ways to pursue these criminals and bring them to justice. Laws need to be re-examined in Jamaica, along with the penalties for these heinous crimes. Proper police work needs to be done consistently, and not a reactionary one.


…And most of all, we need the “One Love” mentality to spread like wild fire among Jamaicans.


Unless we get back to our family values, show love to the youths and teach them to love and respect themselves, and our women & girls, then we are bound to see more of what we are now seeing – a blatant disregard for life and the targeting of our women and girls by those predators who keep slipping through the cracks made by our laws, our government, and the break-down of the family in Jamaica. It is sad for me to say so, but it is a frightening truth which we must first face to get around to even begin the transformation which Jamaica needs.
 Let us hold on to hope that Jamaica will do more to avoid and prevent what we now see is the easy abduction, rape and killing of our women and girls. And while we hope, let us work to change this trend and bring closure to the many families affected by this scary reality in our society.


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