Church to Stage “10, 000 Men Gathering” Against Violence

Spanish Town, St. Catherine (McN) – Head of the Spanish Town Development Area Committee, and Spanish Town Revival, Bishop Rohan Edwards says the Church is sadden because of the negative reports they are hearing about women being killed.

“We have heard the cry of the People…I hear the voice of the People crying,” laments Bishop R. Edwards  

Bishop R. Edwards, executive of the Spanish Town Minister’s Fraternal went on to say, he is aware that the police force have tried their best, but, what is happening here [in Jamaica] is more than the police, much more than the police, says the Bishop, as he proclaimed, the church stands ready to help.

Edwards is calling upon all Jamaicans, all law-abiding citizens, to not sit back and watch what is going on, taking it lightly.

Taking to the media, Bishop Edwards announced that the church is organizing a 10, 000 Men Gathering on the 12th of March, in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. He said several thousands of people will come out to support an end to the violence, sweeping the country.

The Bishop says, people will come out to the gathering on March 12 wearing black, and all media houses at the event – bring the news across Jamaica, that the people of this country is fed-up of what is going on.

He is calling for prayer to begin in communities.

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