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Montego Bay Reaping What has been sowed Years of Neglect

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It is becoming unbearable, disgusted and confusing about the wanton and senseless slaughtering of our fellowmen and women all over the island.

Montego Bay


DAY-after-day we are bombarded with the news that crime and violence has raised its ugly head once again in Western Jamaica. Well, it’s about time that I share my sympathy with the way things have unfolded here in Montego Bay in the past few years. What surprises me is the fact that, with so many professionals associated with crime fighting techniques in tackling this “crime-monster” – crime statistics continue rising in the city . Quite rightly, it seems that with the slaying of so many people, there isn’t much that “Law-lords” can do to stop the galloping way past the losing post.

Regrettably, there is nothing surprising about what is happening here in the West. In fact, it does not take a Rocket Scientists to remind us that we are now reaping what’s been sowed over the years of neglect.

Montego Bay

Neglect in the sense that: inadequate preparations, greed, dishonesty, vision-less, short-sight and mismanagement by our [educated] technocrats are part and parcels of the many disconnection between the have and the have-not. Many broken pieces remain non-mended for a very long time now.  Truth is, many of the more important pieces of loose fabrics were misplaced; hence, not much was left to prevent this madness from creating mayhem and discomfort in the Western City. Long gone are the days when sports and entertainment used to play a pivotal role in bringing peace and stability to this, once friendly city, Montego Bay.  


Montego Bay


Freelance tourism was allowed to roam the city, hanging out here and everywhere, vibrant night life activities and social happenings were once the darling of the second city. We once had clubs like, Yellow bird, Banana boat, Ipsofactor, Crystal Palace, Disco Inferno, Carousel, Aquarius, Cat’s Corner, Which’s Hideaway among others. In between these clubs, we used to have the big sound system blasting dub for dub all over town and country. Football giants like Seba, Wadadah, Violet Kickers, Montego Bay Club, Glendevon, Fogo united, Seaview, just to name a few, were the talk of football arena. Jarrett park, Albion Community Centre and later UDC were the place “to be” when its match day. Barnett Oval and Jarrett Park were to share honor when it comes to cricket bragging rights.  

Everyone was just like family back then. Not so anymore. During the Hay Days of the above mentions, people from all walks of life were reaping the success of the many bustling activities that were taking places all over Western Jamaica.

Just about everyone was benefiting, either directly or indirectly. And yes, they were all having fun. Not much killing was happening back then. With regrets, all of those goodies were coming to an end, but we failed miserable in our quest for power to tighten the gate knob long enough before the horses bolted towards freedom. Had we kept pouring sufficient manure and water on what was sowed long ago by our ancestor, most certainly, we would not be reaping from our many failures.

We could flood the whole Western Jamaica with military men and women, armored vehicles and machine guns, along with all the top personnel’s in the country, we will never, ever get rid of what is taking place out here in St. James, unless we remove the cart from in front of the horses.

My suggestion is that, we start fast tracking some inner city renovations and social interventions along with other social outreach projects similar to those of the past. This, I think will help to offset some of the many hopeless, frustrated and unhappy youngsters living in those troubled inner city communities. No force that prevails over our people shall be successful, unless it’s within the realms of involvement of the people for the people.  We need to revisit our past social networking system that puts powers in the hands of our people. Teach them how to fish, and not give them a piece of fish bone when its suits the powers that is. Montego Bay is a wonderful place to live and do business.

And yes, Montego Bay can prevail once more, if we want to, but we first need to get down off our high pedestal and take responsibility for all the wrongs commitments over these years, through neglect and bad managements.

Stop pointing fingers in the wrong direction. Place more emphasis on the way forward and stop promising things that will never be delivered. And please remember, sports and entertainments through social intervention surely bring people closer to each other.

Downtown Montego Bay

You never can tell how good and pleasant it would be to see brothers and sisters gathered to together for the next evening of sports and after game entertainment jam. Let’s go for it pals.



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