Project “City Cleanup Initiative” Begins in Mobay on Sunday

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McN) – The Project “City Cleanup Initiative” which seeks to have a comprehensive cleanup of Montego Bay, begins on Sunday.

Councillor Richard Vernon and Mayor Homer Davis received information about complaints from residents on the poor city drains along lower Union Street.

The Mayor instructed Bryce Grant, Superintendent of Roads and Works find a solution for the condition of the drains.

In planning, the drain will be rebuilt, re-channelled and covered; which will not only enhance the aesthetics of lower Union Street but also keep the area clean.

Councillor Vernon who has made earlier reports to the Council about the same drain, welcomes the support from Montego Bay’s Mayor, Hon. Homer Davis.


The project is expected to get underway today, February 12, 2017 spearheaded by Deputy Superintendent Saad Campbell.


In photo: Councillor Richard Vernon Jnr. of the Montego Bay South Division. Former candidate for Flanders Division Mikoyan Robinson. Councillor Arthur Lynch of the Montego Bay South East Division and members of the surrounding community. (Photo: Allan Lewin)

Reporter Alan Lewin

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