Tesha Miller Charged Again

Tesha Miller Alleged wanted man caught in the hiding in Bahamas.

Alleged Wanted Man Tesha Miller caught in the Bahamas, after an almost 7 months hiding from the Jamaican police

Known to police and many others as the leader of the notorious ‘Clansman’ gang, said to be affiliated with the political People’s National Party (PNP), Tesha Miller was caught in the island of the Bahamas by their local police officials and is currently in custody.


In August of last year, the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, C-TOC , made a special request for the ‘Don man’, who recently served 2 years in a United States prison for illegal entry, to turn himself in to the police, to answer questions relating to the surge in murders in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, since his recent deportation from the United States.


He made no effort to make himself available and was subsequently put on the wanted list by the Jamaican police.


Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Clifford Chambers said that arrangements are now being made for him to be sent back from the Bahamas. Miller was caught in the Bahamas is due to hard and relentless work effort by the Jamaican Constabulary Force.


Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch Ealan Powell, said the reputed Clansman leader would be returned on a date to be agreed by Jamaican and Bahamian authorities.


On April 15, 2011, Tesha Miller was sentence to 7 years in prison by the High Court Division of the Gun Court. The charge was illegal possession of firearm. He was given a 15 year sentence that same year for aggravated robbery, but the sentence were to be run concurrently, so he would have served 15 years.


Tesha Miller was arrested in 2010, in connection with a stolen motor vehicle, which sparked a massive protest by residents in the Del La Vega city of Spanish Town, St. Catherine.


In March of 2013, his legal team of Bert Samuels, Valerie Neita- Robertson and Charles ‘ Advoket’ Ganja – Singh, filed an appeal, which was granted and Tesha Miller’s  sentence was over tuned.

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