Romaine Austin Skating Gold Medalist

Romaine Austin: Skating Gold Medal for Jamaica at Winter Olympics

Graz, Austria ( McKoy’s News) – Romaine Austin gave our small island it’s very first-speed skating gold medal in a superb victory to create yet another golden achievement for the country.


Skating gold medal for Jamaica at the special Winter Olympics by Romaine Austin, a 19-year-old amateur to the sport of speed skating

Jamaica is known for track and field events over the years, but there has never been much enthusiasm for Winter sports, specifically speed skating until Romaine Austin, a 19-year-old, who is no specialist in Speed Skating, has excelled beyond Jamaica’s expectation by winning the first skating gold medal, at the Liebenau ice rink stadium of the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games, held in Graz, Austria.


The Jamaican speed skater clocked at 1 minute 18 seconds, to cop the gold medal, ahead of his competitors Wong Ho Oscar Lee of Hong Kong, who stopped the clock at 1 minute 22 seconds, while third place went to Anthony Size, Yuen Tsol, also of Hong Kong in 1 minute 25 seconds.


skating gold romaine austin
Jamaican Skating Gold Medalist Romaine Austin


“For the medal , I was happy but now, I’m really excited! It was good, as I held my composure from start to finish for Jamaica” were the words spoken by the Olympic gold medalist. He entered in Athens, Greece, and was dissatisfied with his two silver medals in the Roller Skating Division 11, 300m, and Division 13, 100m, and bronze on the Division 6, 300m.


Errol Austin, father of the Olympic gold medalist said he knew his son would do it, as he has done well in speed skating since he was 14 years old, as far back as 2011.


“Even the night mi a carry him go a airport [two weeks ago], him say, ‘Daddy, nuh say nutten man, yuh a go hear ‘bout mi.’ Were the words spoken by Romain, according to the proud father, who is elated of his son’s victory.


Romaine’s sister, a 10th-grade student at Spanish Town High School said her brother trained for only one week before the event and surprisingly came out on top. She heard the news from her mother, who resides in the United States.

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