CLA upset over the delayed licensing of Jamaica Cannabis

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Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Jamaica Cannabis- Members of the CLA upset over the delayed licensing of Jamaica Cannabis.

CLA upset over the delayed licensing of the much need and highly demand Jamaica Cannabis.

” I have to tell you, that there is general hostility from some players in the ministry, and they are proving to be the biggest block, to the efforts of the Jamaica Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA).”
Those were the words of the passionate Director of the CLA, Delano Seiveright who has been an advocate for the legalization of the medicinal herb.


The National Council on Drug Abuse said that there is about 50% increase in children needing medical treatment, after using weed over the past two years.


Mr. Seiveright said “The Ministry of Health has bought into the propaganda data which, has gone against data showing global trends, that do not support findings in Jamaica.


He claimed some investors have gotten frustrated and several of them lost interest, however, once the government makes a serious decision about Jamaican Cannabis, hopefully this one, they will begin renegotiation.  “Most of them were looking at establishing local partnerships for medicinal ganja and create value – added products from marijuana.” Seiveright also stated that some companies had investments in Jamaica Cannabis, in the scale of millions.


Paul Burke, who is also an advocate of the Cannabis law reform said he was ‘very critical’ of the red tape applied by the previous government to the Jamaica Cannabis licensing regime.


Renowned scientist, Dr. Henry Lowe, pointed out recently that there is a potential earning of over us$300 million from these products in the next 3 years, if the products are properly marketed. Globally, the cannabis landscape is undergoing dynamic changes in research, legislation and commercial developments.


A meeting is schedule to be held with Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck, Minister of Industry , Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Karl Samuda and members of the CLA.

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