Ten Honduran Crew Members Rescued, Five Still Missing

At least ten of the fifteen Honduran crew members from the Falling Star lobster fishing vessel, who were reported missing at sea last Tuesday (6), have been rescued, according to sources.

Even though five members of the crew are still unaccounted for, it is believed that the remaining ten were discovered on one of the two life-saving rafts that were on board the vessel when it sank, raising the possibility that the remaining members are still alive.

Rainforest Seafoods, a Jamaican enterprise, operated the Falling Star as part of a fleet. On the afternoon of July 6, the vessel stopped sending tracking signals while returning from dry-docking/routine maintenance overseas. It was last seen 30 miles west of the Pedro Banks at the time of its disappearance.

According to Boatwatch.org, a local representative had gone out to sea on a ship carrying doctors and medical supplies to meet with the owners of the commercial ship that found the men. The commercial ship was sailing from Kingston to Guatemala.


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