TeeJay Takes A Fall While Trying To Dance Like Ding Dong

The Romeich Entertainment camp is not hard to identify. There’s Shenseea, the entity’s leading lady and ShenYeng principal. There’s also Ding Dong, the corporate friendly dancing King and founder of the Ravers Clavers outfit. Then there’s TeeJay, the celebrated Montego Bay songbird who heads everything Uptop. Despite their known distinctions, TeeJay attempted to switch things up today by showing his best dance moves, but let’s just say Mr Henne & Weed will not be joining the Ravers Clavers crew any time soon.

In a video posted to his Instagram page today, TeeJay is seen doing moves which, by all indication, seemed to have been his interpretation of moves which actually exist (except it was a total epic fail). While showing off his best footwork in a pair of leopard-printed Clarks, he suffered a soft fall.

“Me trying to dance like @dingdongravers. Kmft ago just leave this dancing thing yaw man  look out for my Mother’s Day song to be released this Weekend!” Teejay’s caption said in part.

Though it can all be agreed that his dancing skills need more work, the post provided much needed laughs and pardonable roasts.

“  a super faith,” commented Ding Dong. “But ku ya,” said Shenseea. “Man a fight the dance,” said follower Tash Fierce.

“Dis look like 2020 right now; start off good and now look yah,” said another user, Sammi Boo.

Then came one user with words of comfort. “You tried and that’s all that matters.”

While it can now be confirmed that Teejay’s shoes were not made for dancing, music lovers can await his upcoming track scheduled for Mother’s Day this weekend titled A Mother’s Love. That, we know, will be no joke.


Source: Dancehallmag

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