Buju Banton And John Legend Yearn For Their Former Flames In New Song ‘Memories’: Listen

Dancehall giant Buju Banton has teamed with the iconic songbird John Legend again for his latest musical release. The single is entitled Memories and debuted today May 8th via YouTube on Banton’s official page.  The duo last collaborated 12 years ago on Can’t Be My Lover.

Memories is one of the featured singles on Buju’s highly anticipated Upside Down 2020 album, which is produced by Gargamel Music Company under the Roc Nation record label.

While it may be cliché to say the pairing of these two prominent vocals makes for an undeniable masterpiece, the truth is the single is nothing short of amazing. Legend’s signature golden voice sweeps over a slow jazz inspired rhythm accompanied with a steady pulsating drumming, which in itself sounds pretty euphonious. Then the beat intensifies into a defined Reggae melody as Gargamel crashes his thunderous tones.

For this musical tale, the two broken souls sing of a love they once knew and the memories that are just too hard to erase. John breaks his confessions in the intro, “I guess I’m not over with you like I thought I was, guess I was fooling myself cause I’m still in love… still in love with you woman,” he sings. No matter how hard he tries, memories still taunt his dreams and thoughts of his lady being with another man drive him crazy.

Banton verses the love he still has in his heart for the one he lost, he reminisces about the tussles and the mistakes made, wishing it wasn’t his past. “Over many moons since we part, but our memories remain with di love in a mi heart. Care not how many friendships I start, di spot weh yuh touch still tender and soft,” he sings. Listen to the full version below –

The duo pillars each other’s hooks exquisitely, the disparity of soft and hard tones delivered in their verses melds well and the overall sound of the song is easy and symphonious.

The hors d’oeuvre if you may, Memories is a sweet taste of what is to come. Buju’s Upside Down 2020 album is set to be released this month and will feature 20 tracks, “10 for the years I wasn’t around, and 10 because I love you so much guys,” he says.

In the meantime, enjoy his latest reveal: Buju Banton and John Legend‘s Memories here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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