Tax Administration Jamaica Cashier

Tax Administration Jamaica Cashier Stole Customers Debit Card Info

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – A Tax Administration Jamaica Cashier (TAJ), plead guilty in the St. James Resident Magistrate’s Court to breaching the Cybercrimes Act.

Claudine Morgan, who was employed as a cashier by the TAJ and stationed at the Firearm Licensing Authority’s Montego Bay office, was arrested  in  September 2013 and charged with Conspiracy to Defraud, Simple Larceny, breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act.

Per investigators report, Tax Administration Cashier allegedly used a device she took to her job, to capture data from debit cards of customers who used their cards to pay for firearm licences. She allegedly then passed the information of the customers debit cards on to other persons.

The customers whose debit card information was stolen were defrauded of monies withdrawn from their banks at ABMs.

She was arrested and charged in September 2013, by the RPD after intensive investigations.

Morgan will be sentenced on May 25, 2017.

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