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RJR and Jamaica Mortgage Bank Face J$180M Lawsuit

RJR and Jamaica Mortgage Bank Face J$180M Lawsuit

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – The RJR and Jamaica Mortgage Bank (JMB) are both facing a J$180M lawsuit by ex-employee of the banking institution.

Banker Dalton Myrie, who formerly worked as a loans officer at JMB for 20 years to secure financing and affordable housing for Jamaicans, is now suing for defamation.

According to Supreme Court documents filed by Myrie the lawsuit against media giant, RJR Communications Group and the government owned JMB surrounds alleged “false and defamatory” information that the bank provided to the media entity about him that was published in February 2016.

Myrie also seeks a court order to prevent the media entity or its servants or agents from republishing the said “false and defamatory” information.

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According to the court documents Myrie had a flawless work record with the bank, however, he was subjected to a “sting” operation, which lead to him being accused, arrested and wrongfully charged with corruption in his duties as a loans officer with the Jamaica Mortgage Bank .

Myrie’s suit state that RJR Communications Group inaccurately reported on the circumstances surrounding his arrest and charge.

Myrie stated J$180M lawsuit documents that he was forced to resign from the mortgage bank. Documents state the he was “badgered and harassed” in a hostile work environment into resigning under “great duress.”

He was cleared of all charges by the court for lack of evidence of the allegations and charges.

According to the Supreme Court documents filed, the former JMB banker states, the reason for his arrest results from a vendetta against him by a senior JMB official who was sanctioned by the JMB Board – after he reported to the JMB Board that the senior official had threatened a JMB client.

Myrie allege that his complaint to the board about the actions of the official and following sanction triggered a conspiracy against (Myrie) him resulting in his arrest.

RJR  and Jamaica Mortgage Bank are defending the matter before the court.

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