Tarrus Riley Is ‘The Fresh Prince of JA’ In New Single: Watch

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‘Singy Singy,’ Tarrus Riley has just crowned himself The Fresh Prince Of JA in his new single with Will Smith-inspired visuals to corroborate it.

The Reggae entertainer launched his masterful music video today with the production completely inspired by Will Smith’s popular 1990’s sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

In Tarrus Riley’s Jamaican version of The Fresh Prince, he’s a ghetto youth that moved uptown after achieving success as a musician. Similar to Will Smith’s narrative on the TV series, Riley’s move wasn’t warmly accepted in his new environs but more so for the folks back home.

“Blessing in abundance, yeh it shows and the more dem see me smile, is like the more dem frowns. Hypocrite a talk a say, its not fair, The Fresh Prince of JA is here!” … Is just a taste of his story-style lyrics.

Produced by Money Matters Entertainment, the single drops on a beat of a similar jingle as the original version but heavily backed with Dancehall rhythms. According to Riley, that was a composition made by his friend News, aka Bad News, and his sidekick in the music video, the way Jazzy Jeff was to Will in the show.

The widely entertaining music video starts like a sketch with a live studio audience laughing in the background. Tarrus is sitting in the kitchen, beatboxing and banging on the breakfast table with his annoyed uncle ‘Richie.’ Soon enough, butler ‘G’ arrives to tell them Bad News is here, of course, much to uncle Richie’s dismay.

As Bad News hands over the new beat (riddim) on a cassette to The Fresh Prince (Tarrus), Machine aka ‘Hillary’ walks in the kitchen leaving Bad News completely dumbfounded, but it doesn’t stop him from taking his shot to hit on her. Before we know it, uncle Richie has him flying through the front door… and the track begins.

With visuals replicating several scenes from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air TV show, some of which see Tarrus singing the track in a rotating throne-style armchair, shooting hoops with the guys and kidding around with Bad News in a heavily graffiti enclosure, all creating a pretty captivating display.

Dancehall deejay Left Side also makes an appearance as Carlton, while Press Kay plays Aunt Ti Ti, along with cameos from Chi Ching Ching and Future Fambo plus a couple of others.

Watch Tarrus Riley’s new single and music video for The Fresh Prince Of JA here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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