Beenie Man Provides ‘Belly Update’, Now Aiming For Six Pack In Fitness Journey

Dancehall veteran Beenie Man provided a “belly update” several months after he was the butt of many jokes on social media when he joined Bounty Killer for a VERZUZ battle on May 23.

The historic clash was hosted on Verzuz’s Instagram page and attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers, including many celebrities like Rihanna, Nas, Spice, and others.

While the fans were enjoying the clashing, the DJing, and the vibes, they found something else just as entertaining. Fans on social media made memes and joked about Beenie Man’s dancing and the size of his belly.

The King of the Dancehall singer posted some of the jokes to his own Instagram account after the event.

Beenie Man took the jokes in stride but decided to do something about it, with the help of celebrity lifestyle coach Patrice J White and the support of his politician fiance Krystal Tomlinson.

He posted a video on Instagram yesterday with the caption: “Belly update #WehBellyAguh #ClothesfitAgain #Sixpack #August22 #IAmNotThatGuy @futurefambizzle”

In the video, the artiste’s belly was notably smaller than it was on the night of the clash. The Girls Dem Sugar singer claims he lost 13 inches off his belly.

He insisted he wasn’t holding in his breath and that the shirt he was wearing couldn’t have fit him before now.

The post’s hashtags indicate he has set a goal of achieving six-packs by August 22. The entertainer will celebrate his 47th birthday on that day.

Fans were supportive and praised the King for his obvious dedication and determination. Even Ce’Cile encouraged in the comments: “Yea beenie six pack soon fawuddddd.”

Beenie added, “Mi nah talk again till August 22.” We’ll just have to wait and see the results.


Source: Dancehallmag

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