Supreme Court Judge Sentenced Jelani Maraj, Brother of Rapper Nicki Minaj for 25 Years To Life For Rape

Jelani Maraj brother of Rapper Nicki Minaj was handed down with 25 years to life in prison for child rape.

Jelani Minaj after making numerous appearances in court for the last four years after being arrested in December 2015 on child rape charges. It is alleged that he sexually assaulted his 11-year-old stepdaughter at the time. During the 2017 trial that took place in New York, the girl’s then 10-year-old brother testified how he had seen the rape occur in his sister’s bedroom.

While on the stand, the boy stated to the Nassau County Supreme Court that he had been threatened by Maraj to keep his mouth shut about the horrific event. “Jelani said I wouldn’t see [my mother] again if I told on him. His face was kind of mad,” the young boy said.

The rape survivor, herself, described how her stepfather had begun to beaten her four months into the marriage and warned her to remain silent.

Allegations by the prosecutors that the assault would occur four times a week, with DNA belonging to the 40-year-old discovered on the little girl’s pajama pants and medical examinations showing evidence of penetration. Which had given enough time for the jury in the matter who after two days of deliberations, convicted Jelani Maraj of predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

After serving a minimum sentence of 15 years to life imprisonment, the Trinidad and Tobago-born native will now spend at least 25 years behind bars and will be released from prison in his 60s.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Nicki Minaj has declined to comment on her brother’s court proceedings, though it has been reported that she has tabled bill for his lawyers.

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